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Mapping the Energy Sector in the ENERGEIA Partner countries

The partners of the ENERGEIA project have met in Malaga, Spain on the 30th and 31st of July for the first mapping seminar of the ENERGEIA project. The purpose of this mapping seminar was to define the guidelines by which the mapping should be undertaken.

The mapping methodology is one of the key project deliveries and aims at targeting the necessary steps to get a clear picture of the energy sector characteristics in each region. The different characteristics of each region have forced the partnership to create a flexible methodology that all members can utilise to develop their energy map.

This methodology has been developed based on a four-step approach with a previous preview of the renewable energy sector previouslyperformed previously by each partner.

At the end of this activity 8 energy-mapping reports, which include the results obtained using this methodology, will define the main peculiar needs and existing challenges for enterprise creation and support.

In particular, during the research phase, the following aspects will be tackled:

  • Analysis of the whole energy sector components in the ENERGEIA regions (technology providers, producers, installers, retailers, finance providers etc.)
  • Collection of information on new business companies developed on research outputs that boost the energy sector: development of a database, interviews to entrepreneurs with a research background, analysis of profiles, etc.
  • Collection of information from service providers regarding support approaches to such specific companies, aimed at identifying which are the main areas that still need to be reinforced.


Each region will perform its own independent analysis andthis will, in turn, be used for a secondary report that will show the results of the 8 energy mappings, including the common best practices that encourage enterprise generation and business development of energy companies in the partner regions.

The InstitutoAndaluz de Tecnología (IAT)is the organisation responsible for overseeing the whole mapping exercise, which will be concluded by the end of 2013.

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