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"Solar Race" Murcia

SOLAR RACE Region of Murcia is a competition of soft vehicles powered by alternative sources of energy, which is today, other than conventional fuel. The main purpose for such vehicles is to perform the envisaged course by using the less amount of energy (the less, the better).

SOLAR RACE has been held on 17 to 20 October 2014 in an urban circuit in the Murcia town. To bring this practice into a urban emplacement is the most relevant new for this Edition of SOLAR RACE (permanent race circuit in the last two editions in Cartagena)

Competition is divided into two groups:

  • Experimental vehicles
  • Urban vehicles

In each category, participant vehicles have competed in different modalities, according to the source of energy used:

  •  Solar photovoltaic
  •  Biofuel
  •  Hydrogen
  • Wire electrics


In this SOLAR RACE event, participant teams coming from several European countries had the chance to know more about the ENERGEIA Project. A specific Workshops on ENERGEIA was included in the agenda of SOLAR RACE 2014  in order to raise awareness of the actual results and activities of such a EU funded Project Ahmed to foster entrepreneurial initiatives in the energy sector. Funded by the E.C. in the frame of the MED programme, ENERGEIA was introduced to the participant teams and practitioners living SOLAR RACE in order to show synergies between the race and other exercises aimed to explore alternative uses of energy in early ages. Jose Manuel Ruiz, technical responsible of ENERGEIA Project on behalf of INFO Murcia, Project partner in the Murcia region. More information on the workshop and the ENERGEIA project itself is accessible through:,

To know more on SOLAR RACE 2014, please visit us on the net:

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