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ENERGEIA workshop in Cartagena

As it has been the case in other ENERGEIA regions, the Region of Murcia has formally closed the Pilot Actions by organising a best practices workshop, Such an event was held in Cartagena on 25th March, just a few days after the final conference of the project. Outs of such a conference in our minds, a panel of practitioners introduced to the audience  the most relevant activities and results of the preliminary diagnosys and most precisely the results of the “incubation process”.

Also in the Murcia region Incubation was aimed at supporting business ideas, start-ups and service or product providers, in the existing renewable energy sector at national and transnational level.  Through training programmes for incubator managers, business coaches and tutors, the business operators will gain tools in order to support SMEs in energy sector.

Mentors in the Murcia region have supported  a list of 6-8 business ideas in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Entrepreneurs have gone through a training process in entrepreneurship and start-up management, so they are well-prepared for the implementation of business management tools included in the task 2. 8 business ideas were selected and in the final process 3 companies were evaluated as successful business ideas.

Some two of the beneficiary entrepreneurs presented their experiences in the Cartagena workshop. More details on this practical promotional event is accessible through:



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