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The Final Conference “Start in Green” that took place in Bologna (Italy) on the 18thand 19thof March was a great moment to draw the outcomes of ENERGEIA project. It was an inspiring 2 days event during which remarkable international best practices were shown and international speakers presented innovative ideas on green entrepreneurship.

In the afternoon session of the first day, the workshop “Create the net” were held with the participation of the start-ups selected by ENERGEIA project.The "Create the Net" format is a speed networking event especially conceived to help companies developing business contacts. In Bologna, more than 35 participants, including ENERGEIA start-ups and business providers attended the event, making it a very successful initiative.

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00

ENERGEIA workshop in Cartagena

As it has been the case in other ENERGEIA regions, the Region of Murcia has formally closed the Pilot Actions by organising a best practices workshop, Such an event was held in Cartagena on 25th March, just a few days after the final conference of the project. Outs of such a conference in our minds, a panel of practitioners introduced to the audience  the most relevant activities and results of the preliminary diagnosys and most precisely the results of the “incubation process”.

Also in the Murcia region Incubation was aimed at supporting business ideas, start-ups and service or product providers, in the existing renewable energy sector at national and transnational level.  Through training programmes for incubator managers, business coaches and tutors, the business operators will gain tools in order to support SMEs in energy sector.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

"Solar Race" Murcia

SOLAR RACE Region of Murcia is a competition of soft vehicles powered by alternative sources of energy, which is today, other than conventional fuel. The main purpose for such vehicles is to perform the envisaged course by using the less amount of energy (the less, the better).

SOLAR RACE has been held on 17 to 20 October 2014 in an urban circuit in the Murcia town. To bring this practice into a urban emplacement is the most relevant new for this Edition of SOLAR RACE (permanent race circuit in the last two editions in Cartagena)

ENERGEIA has been in Greencities & Sustainability, Applied Intelligence Forum for Urban Sustainability, which was held in Malaga on 2 and 3 October. IAT has had a stand where the results of some of the mostrelevant projects where IAT is participating have been show.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 18:13

Energeia Med Beepeers

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the MED project ENERGEIA - Energy Enterprise Generation, coordinated by Aster S.Cons.p.A. and funded by the Med program and has now concluded its first semester of activities. 
So far, partners developed common methodologies, communication tools and instruments aimed at understanding the regional dimension of new entrepreneurship and innovation in the energy field. 
The regional sectors reports (1 for each region) will be ready at the end of January, together with a SWOT analysis to single out the main challenges to tackle in the second part of the project, that foresees the implementation of pilot actions directed to startups and business service providers, to encrease their capacity of turning good ideas in profitable businesses. 
The first transnational meeting of ENERGEIA dedicated to improve the cooperation culture among Mediterranean and EU partners will take place in Malta, hosted by the Foundation Temi Zammit on next March 2014.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 17:49

Understanding the renewable energy sector

Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, the Maltese partner within the Energeia project, is organising a conference on March 5 to present the results of its energy mapping, together with those of the other partners. During the conference, the challenges that are faced by businesses within the renewable energy sector will be discussed during workshops.

Half an hour's drive from the centre of Goražde, lies the village of Bujaci which has recently acquired a centre of attention for its inhabitants. Within this village, the setting up of new solar plants has become “the story” of this village and beyond. Households in this village and others nearby will soon start receiving electricity from solar plants who’s construction was financed by Azem Bujak, the Bosnian-born businessman from the same region.

Locals expect new investments in infrastructure

In the village of Bujaci we find Mr. Azem father of Mr. Hasib who looks proudly towards the 670 panels above his native village. He is surrounded by workers who will, in the coming days, complete the final touches to this plant. "Here are 15 people who have worked almost 90 days to set up these panels and we hope that this investment will pay off. To the people in the village this is very interesting, and you will not find anything like it nearby" says Mr. Hasib Bujak. One of the villagers, Omer Bujak, expects that the plant will be just the beginning for further investment in this locality. "This will ultimately mean a lot of electricity for a large number of houses. We also hope to get asphalted roads to our village soon too" says Mr. Bujak.

The second meeting of the regional working organised by Sarajevo Regional Development Agency was help on the 27th of February 2014. The aim of the meeting was to present and verify the results of the CAME analysis performed for the renewable energy sources (RES) sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The CAME analysis includes a series of strategic guidelines that need to be carried out, in order to accelerate the development of the entire renewable energy sector.

Within the current social and economic situations, and due to the fact that the RES sector in Bosnia & Herzegovina is still in its infancy, it is very still susceptible to various threats. Thus, the aspect of the CAME analysis that is of most interest and which was discussed the most was the comparison of Strengths and Threats (S-T) in order to adapt to the changes that are affecting B&H and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

The Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA, as part of the ENERGEIA project, has established its first regional working group. Members of the regional working groups are representatives of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo and the Association of producers of electricity from renewable sources APEOR BiH. At the first meeting, which was held on 10.02.2014., to the members of the regional working group was presented a project ENERGEIA, the working plan of SERDA regional working group, as well as all activities that are carried out within the project until this meeting. At the meeting was presented PEST and SWOT analysis of the sector of renewable energy sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Until the end of February of 2014. it will be prepared CAME analysis of sector of renewable energy sector in B&H. The aim is to analyze the sector of renewable energy sources and to define problems in this sector, and to determine guidelines to support start-up small and medium enterprises in the renewable energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next period of implementation of the project ENERGEIA.