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One of the most advanced solar power plants in the Sarajevo region

on 25 March 2014

Half an hour's drive from the centre of Goražde, lies the village of Bujaci which has recently acquired a centre of...

Second meeting of the regional working group within SERDA

on 24 March 2014

The second meeting of the regional working organised by Sarajevo Regional Development Agency was help on the 27th of Fe...

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 22:21

One of the most advanced solar power plants in the Sarajevo region

Half an hour's drive from the centre of Goražde, lies the village of Bujaci which has recently acquired a centre of attention for its inhabitants. Within this village, the setting up of new solar plants has become “the story” of this village and beyond. Households in this village and others nearby will soon start receiving electricity from solar plants who’s construction was financed by Azem Bujak, the Bosnian-born businessman from the same region.

Locals expect new investments in infrastructure

In the village of Bujaci we find Mr. Azem father of Mr. Hasib who looks proudly towards the 670 panels above his native village. He is surrounded by workers who will, in the coming days, complete the final touches to this plant. "Here are 15 people who have worked almost 90 days to set up these panels and we hope that this investment will pay off. To the people in the village this is very interesting, and you will not find anything like it nearby" says Mr. Hasib Bujak. One of the villagers, Omer Bujak, expects that the plant will be just the beginning for further investment in this locality. "This will ultimately mean a lot of electricity for a large number of houses. We also hope to get asphalted roads to our village soon too" says Mr. Bujak.

Electricity for 100 households

Upon completion of the substation, in next twenty days, the solar power plant will be able to supply 100 rural households. "The solar power plant will be connected to the power grid of Elektrodistribucija Gorazde. What remains is to build a substation that will deliver the power. Upon completion, the plant will have an annual production of 200 megawatt hours" says Mr. Mandžić director of Electro-test Vogošća, a company that has worked on the construction of the solar power plant.

According to inhabitants of Bujaci, Azem Bujak has plans to build another solar power plant, not far from the one already constructed, which is supposed to have up to five times more solar panels.

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The Project

The ENERGEIA Project originates from the shared need of more effective ways of supporting entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energy, which, in the Mediterranean area, represent an enormous asset for a sustainable economic development. Partners within the project share common policies and priorities given by


The Partners

Eight partners from six different counties are taking part in the ENERGEIA project. These are ASTER (project leader) and the Province of Turin from Italy, IAT and INFO from Spain, FTZ from Malta, Incubateur PACA-EST from France, UAig from Portugal and SERDA from Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Pilot Actions

The Pilot Actions for the ENERGEIA project will be launched during 2014. Please register to our website to keep yourself updated.