The Division for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (CRIA) is the body established at the University of Algarve in order to facilitate technology transfer and the creation of an Entrepreneurial Culture in the Academy.

CRIA aims to promote relations between the University and the industry, to increase the technology and knowledge transfer, to support the establishment of new enterprises, to generalise the use of industrial property rights mechanisms and developing technological infrastructures to enhance specific research fields in the Algarve.

CRIA was established in 2003, from the need for a support service to develop advanced business ideas and inventions created at the university, which could migrate to the market.

The main intervention areas of CRIA are: Intellectual Property and Licensing Support, Commercialisation and Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, European Projects and Studies.

The Project

The ENERGEIA Project originates from the shared need of more effective ways of supporting entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energy, which, in the Mediterranean area, represent an enormous asset for a sustainable economic development. Partners within the project share common policies and priorities given by


The Partners

Eight partners from six different counties are taking part in the ENERGEIA project. These are ASTER (project leader) and the Province of Turin from Italy, IAT and INFO from Spain, FTZ from Malta, Incubateur PACA-EST from France, UAig from Portugal and SERDA from Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Pilot Actions

The Pilot Actions for the ENERGEIA project will be launched during 2014. Please register to our website to keep yourself updated.