Turin Province


The Province of Turin is situated in the North-West of Italy, on the border with France. It is part of Piemonte Region and it is one of the largest Italian provinces in terms of size, population and contribution to GDP. It stretches over 6.830 km2, it has 315 municipalities and a population of 2,2 million. Mountains areas are 52,4% of the territory, hill areas 20,9% and plains 26,7%. Torino, the regional capital, was the first Italian national capital in 1861.

The Province of Turin has always been associated with car production because of the presence of FIAT, the largest Italian corporation. Traditional areas of specialisation are the automotive and mechanical industries. Motor vehicles remain the main export item from Turin (42% of the total), followed by general machinery and equipment (20%) and metals and metal products (7%). The most innovative sectors in the region are aerospace, biotechnologies and renewable sources of energy.

Both import and export of the Province of Turin regard mainly EU Countries and particularly Germany, France, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania, Czech Republic. Job distribution for economic sectors is: agriculture 2%, industry 32%, services 66%.   

Provincia di Torino is a local public authority, public body in the Italian constitutional organization. Its President and Council are elected by the citizens. Its main responsibilities are:roads, public transport, vocational training, school buildings, employment services, territorial management and town planning, assistance to local communities, natural resources and environment, water, land protection and waste disposal, hunting and fishing, civil protection, social service, culture and tourism.

In the field of economic activities, Provincia di Torino is assigned the following tasks: planning of development of economic system in the sectors of industry, commerce and handicraft; planning and coordination in the access to European Union funds; planning and realization of initiatives in support of enterprises, also by promoting agreements with institutional bodies and economic parties.

Provincia di Torino participates in several companies and initiatives fostering innovation in the sectors of: bioindustry, environment, wireless technology, aerospace, plastics, laser technology, infomobility. It is one of the founders and a partner of technology parks in the territory – Environment park and Bioindustry park – and of the business incubators I3P, the Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, and 2I3T, the Incubator of University of Torino.

Provincia di Torino supportsbusiness creation through MIP – Mettersi in Proprio (start your own business), an advice service for new companies and new freelancers who have business ideas to develop. MIP is financed by the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Employment and Piemonte Region and is aimed at the promotion of entrepreneurship in the territory. It consists in entrepreneurial ideas analysis, assistance in defining business projects and tutoring for new entrepreneurs.



The Project

The ENERGEIA Project originates from the shared need of more effective ways of supporting entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energy, which, in the Mediterranean area, represent an enormous asset for a sustainable economic development. Partners within the project share common policies and priorities given by


The Partners

Eight partners from six different counties are taking part in the ENERGEIA project. These are ASTER (project leader) and the Province of Turin from Italy, IAT and INFO from Spain, FTZ from Malta, Incubateur PACA-EST from France, UAig from Portugal and SERDA from Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Pilot Actions

The Pilot Actions for the ENERGEIA project will be launched during 2014. Please register to our website to keep yourself updated.